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What is the VIT Innovation Incubator?

It is a pre-incubation process for the identification and development of ideas and concepts prior to making significant investment in human resources and capital.

Who should use the VIT Innovation Incubator?

  • Company teams faced with challenges, problems, failures, the need to reveal costly hidden problems, etc.
  • Intrepreneurs; individuals / teams inside companies who have an idea or assigned a special project to develop like an entrepreneur would; the focus is to turn the effort into a profitable venture.
  • Pre-entrepreneurs interested in developing ideas prior to making a significant investment in creating a business infrastructure.
  • Entrepreneurs, individuals and teams engaged in business and struggling with delivering value to customers or are faced with technological barriers, a problem with their business model, a production, process or quality problem, a cost or productivity challenge, R&D barriers, etc.

What support does the VIT Innovation Incubator provide?

  • Facilitation of structured approaches to innovation and inventive problem solving.
  • Training and mentoring on structured innovation and inventive problem solving.
  • Isolated workspace with internet access for conducting research.
  • Support with business case development.

What are the benefits of using the VIT Innovation Incubator?

  • Access to professional innovators and facilitators with over 25 years of experience.
  • Utilization of structured innovation and inventive problem solving methods, tools and techniques.
  • Accelerated innovation, concept strengthening and in-depth risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Business case focused initiative targeting growth and profitability.
Add a professional innovator to your team to accelerate how innovation occurs on your next project.

The VIT Innovation Incubator is supported by Dean Dana W. Clarke, Sr and the Department of Structured Innovation and Inventive Problem Solving Sciences.